Our Process

Sticks & Stones Building Solutions offers a wide range of concrete services to keep your home looking great for the future.

The Sticks & Stones Process

Our team has developed a rigorous process that delivers the best results for our customers every time. All surfaces are cleaned beforehand and we use a controlled PSI to ensure the concrete surface is not damaged.

We roll on all our sealers to achieve a uniform final product you can be proud of. We also make sure the concrete is completely ready before we begin. This way, we avoid any air pockets that can harden the surface. For best results, we recommend applying our penetrating sealer every two years.

Sticks & Stones Penetrating Sealing Products

Sticks and & Stones Building Solutions uses the highest quality sealing products to prevent things like cracking, delamination, spalling and the overall deterioration of your concrete. Both our penetrating and membrane sealers are approved by Alberta Transportation and are compliant with Environment Canada VOC regulations.

Freeze Thaw Cycles

Canadian Winters and their freeze thaw cycles can seriously damage your concrete if left unprotected .Our products form an integral barrier to seal your concrete from the elements. Without proper sealing, your concrete is exposed to the elements. Salt intrusion, freezing water, chemical attack, UV and erosion leads to costly repairs and unsightly damage to your driveways, patios, sidewalks and garage floors

Help shield your concrete from Spalling, Pop-outs & Premature Replacement

Our sealers help strengthen the surface of your concrete. When properly applied, the penetrating sealers will form a strong bond up to 1.5" into the upper layer of your concrete. The sealer / concrete bond resists spalling, pop-outs, surface cracks and general wear preventing expensive premature repairs or even replacement.

Prevent Staining & Chemical Damage

Sticks & Stones sealants can help protect your driveways and garages from stains caused by oil spills, mold or other chemical attacks.Sealing your driveway improves ease of cleaning, leaving a new look for years to come.

Penetrating Sealers

Penetrating concrete sealers penetrate into the concrete to form a chemical barrier that protects against water, moisture and deicing salts. They usually leave a natural finish without changing the surface appearance and most products are breathable allowing for vapors to escape. They are more frequently used in exterior applications to protect against the harsh elements. A penetrating concrete sealer is your best choice if you are looking to protect your application from deicing salts, freeze-thaw cycles and water without changing the surface appearance or feel of the concrete. A penetrating concrete sealer has a long lifespan and typically requires reapplication after five plus years of service life.

Membrane Sealers

Membrane Sealers create a wax-like barrier that prevents foreign debris from entering the concrete. These sealers can help prevent mortar flaking, cracking and delamination.

Topical Concrete Coatings

Topical concrete coatings are typically of an acrylic chemistry available in both solvent and water based formulations. Available in a range of sheen levels they typically leave a satin or gloss finish changing the look, feel and texture of the concrete. They are great for enhancing colors and giving concrete the much desired wet look. Acrylic concrete sealers generally wear faster than penetrating sealers and usually require reapplication much sooner, typically every year if exposed to deicing salts. Decorative acrylic concrete coatings are great at first leaving the concrete looking nice but tend to wear quickly and cost more in the long run with constant reapplication.


If you have questions about driveway sealers, concrete deterioration or general inquiries about what’s right for your home, contact us today. With over six decades of experience cleaning, sealing and protecting residential homes and commercial businesses across Alberta, we can help you make an informed decision about your concrete needs.