Residential Concrete Sealing

Residential Concrete Sealing

Why Seal Your Concrete?

Sticks & Stones offers a wide range of products and services designed to seal and protect your concrete. To protect it from: Surface damage and deterioration, corrosion, grease and oil stains, UV damage causing fading, and especially moisture damage including freeze-thaw cycles (which causes spalling and pop-outs).


Depending on the type of concrete - Our team can recommend a sealant and service solution that works best for you: We specialize in the professional application of two top-quality products: A deep-penetrating sealant, and a topical coating sealant. Our penetrating sealant saturates the concrete forming a chemical barrier from within. This barrier defends against moisture intrusion and other chemicals such as deicing salts.

Our topical sealant works from the exterior by forming a durable film on the surface of the concrete. This protective film shields from corrosion, physical abrasion, UV damage, grease and oil stains, and other surface deterioration. Not to mention that visually, our topical sealant breathes new life into your concrete by leaving a beautiful glossy, “wax-like” finish. Both methods provide a more cost-effective restoration method for your driveway.

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